Introducing the Space Tag

Customers will receive updates through the Creative Parking Solutions app (The Creative App) which is now available for both Android and IOS.


Our solution provides a parking management system that displays LIVE parking space availability, occupancy, statistics and so much more!


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Customers will receive updates through the Creative Parking Solutions app (The Creative App) which is now available for both Android and IOS.

The World’s Best GARAGE Car Parking

We are Creative Parking Solutions LLC, a green company that brings you an unprecedented solution to radically change the way we park. Our unique product, the Space Tag™, is placed alongside parking spaces to allow for live status updates on parking space activity. We offer parking guidance services that help optimize utility of parking garages and assist garage owners, staff and their customers in managing car flow. Our services include real-time updates on the status of parking garages, parking space availability, occupancy and general statistics which garage managers can use to make more informed business decisions.

For Drivers

Creative Parking Solutions also delivers parking guidance services to its users. Our parking applications provide users with real-time data on parking availability within seconds, saving you time and gas and reducing pollution. From locating your car to knowing the latest space that has just freed up, you will find that having in-depth parking space information at your fingertips is rather comforting! Not yet a user? Check out our brand-new system by registering here for free! (Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy! We promise!)

For Garage Owners

The Creative Parking Solutions Management System™ is designed to remotely monitor, assess and coordinate parking activity within a particular parking garage. Our system provides a one-of-a-kind parking experience by updating you on the live number of spaces left unfilled as well as the number of vehicles present. Having real time knowledge of available parking spaces within your establishment has never been easier! Our system also eradicates the need to keep manual records as it automatically ... generates and stores reports for assessments and future reference. Read More

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